The Awards

The Badges

Platinum Badge - Mediterranean Taste Awards

Platinum Award Badge​

Mediterranean Taste Awards

Gold Award Badge​

Silver Badge - Mediterranean Taste Awards

Silver Award Badge

The Mediterranean Taste Awards 2024 Judging Scoring Scale

Platinum award: 100 – 95 | A Spectacular Product

Gold award:  94.9 – 90  | A well – made Product 

Silver award: 89.9 – 85 | A Recommended Product

Judging Process & Scoring Method

  • In order to ensure that the evaluation methodology of the food and beverage samples is credible, transparent and unbiased, we have introduced a sensory  evaluation. The Sensory evaluation was one of the earliest methods of quality control and it is still widely used in the industry.
  • A scientific discipline used to evoke, measure, analyse and interpret reactions to those characteristics of foods and materials as they are perceived by the senses of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.
  • The food products are presented to the judges for blind tasting unbranded

  • We store and prepare the olive oil samples according meeting the heist hygiene standards depending of the nature of the food product

  • We have introduced two more different levels of blind assessment, apart from the regular tasting. Cross tasting of samples in a second group of judges and repetition of the same sample from the same group of judges that performed the first tasting

  • The Juries have zero prior knowledge of the product’s brand name and/or other sensitive information and the scoring method is been made securely using our online proprietary rating platform where each jury send its own score for each assessed product

The Awards

#1 Mediterranean Taste | Excellent Taste Awards

Any Food & Beverage is qualified to participate in this session.

#2 Mediterranean Taste | Excellent Taste Organic Awards

Only Food & Beverage from organic farming are qualified to participate in this session.

#3 Mediterranean Taste | Innovation Awards

For the Innovation food & beverage Awards, we examine the final product according to the five (5) general consumer expectations: Pleasure, health, convenience, physical, and ethics.

Also, drivers of innovation can be divided into 5 trends.

Pleasure:  Sophistication, Fun, Variety of senses, pleasure, Exoticism

Health: Vegetal, Natural, Medical

Physical: Energy well-being, Slimness

Ethics: Solidarity, Ecology

Convenience: Time-saving, Easy to handle, Nomadism

#4 Mediterranean Taste | Packaging & Design Awards

In an economy driven by consumers, the traditional viewpoint of packaging is not effective either for the consumer or the business. Instead of focusing heavily on production only, effective packaging should be considered from the following three viewpoints:

1.Viability, i.e. maintainable and enabling brand development
2.Feasibility, i.e. practical and realizable
3.Desirability, i.e. enticing to consumers.

For the Design & Packaging Olive Oil Awards we examine the following :

Brand Identification, Shelf impact, Messaging Communication, Aestheric Appeal, Graphic Elements, Placement, Logo, Legibility, Readability, Brand Perception, Product Perception, Confusions, Misidentifications, Impact of Color, Flow of Innovation, Comprehension, Brand Recall

The Assessment Model

The evaluation process that we follow is based on a Hybrid structure which essentially means that all the food and beverage samples are evaluated both in-house on our premises as well as remotely by our chefs and other members of our professional tasting team.

Preparation & Presentation Method

The food and beverage samples will be presented to the judges for blind tasting unbranded.