The Mediterranean Taste Awards

Our Concept

The Mediterranean Taste Awards was built upon a simple and clear vision which is to publicize and spread the benefits and merits of the Mediterranean diet, through the discovery and promotion of the most innovative, brilliant, and unique in taste food creations.

In our organization, we are strong proponents of the idea that the Mediterranean food has no borders and our mission is to do our best to find those producers who are passionately creating unique in taste edible products with top quality ingredients and to present them in the wider food community via a transparent and unique evaluation process. 

The first year’s competition and Next steps

Having successfully completed the first Mediterranean Taste Awards 2020 with the participation of 330 food brands and 290 awarded brands, we now move forward with confidence and optimism on the development of the second in a row Mediterranean Taste Awards 2021, on which we have decided to make significant additions to the structure of the organization by adding distinct Food Product Award Categories where food producers can choose to compete whereas we add New Geographical Locations and as well New Award Categories.

Why Mediterranean Taste Awards

Participating in Mediterranean Taste Awards 2021, producers get the unique opportunity to enhance the recognitionvisibility, and promotion of the food & beverage brands, In addition, the food producers will be able to differentiate their brand from its competitors and increase the potential of reaching new customers in multiple geographical locations while also further establish their food & beverage brands in the areas where are already present.

The food & beverage brands will be:

  • Evaluated by top class food scientists and experts in the food – beverage  and gastronomy industry
  • The awarded brands will be promoted directly to our 5000 European based trade-buyers and food merchants
  • The awarded food & beverage brands will be listed on the with the full description and award characteristics of the each awarded brand
  • The winners will also get promotion through the MTA 2021 social media marketing camping including its monthly newsletter reaching thousands of food industry participants as well as individual customers.

The Awards

#1 Excellent Taste Awards

Any Extra Virgin Olive Oil is qualified to participate in this session.

#2 Excellent Taste Organic Awards

Only Extra Virgin Olive Oils from organic farming are qualified to participate in this session.

#3 Innovation Awards

For the Innovation food & beverage Awards, we examine the final product according to the five (5) general consumer expectations: Pleasure, health, convenience, physical, and ethics.

Also, drivers of innovation can be divided into 5 trends.

Pleasure:  Sophistication, Fun, Variety of senses, pleasure, Exoticism

Health: Vegetal, Natural, Medical

Physical: Energy well-being, Slimness

Ethics: Solidarity, Ecology

Convenience: Time-saving, Easy to handle, Nomadism

#4 Packaging & Design Awards

In an economy driven by consumers, the traditional viewpoint of packaging is not effective either for the consumer or the business. Instead of focusing heavily on production only, effective packaging should be considered from the following three viewpoints:

1.Viability, i.e. maintainable and enabling brand development
2.Feasibility, i.e. practical and realizable
3.Desirability, i.e. enticing to consumers.

For the Design & Packaging Olive Oil Awards we examine the following :

Brand Identification, Shelf impact, Messaging Communication, Aestheric Appeal, Graphic Elements, Placement, Logo, Legibility, Readability, Brand Perception, Product Perception, Confusions, Misidentifications, Impact of Color, Flow of Innovation, Comprehension, Brand Recall

The public vote counts 30% of the overall score of the Design & Packaging Award. 70% of the overall score is becoming from the Panel Leaders of the Packaging & Design Competition. 

#5 London Buyer’s Choice, By Mediterranean Taste Awards 


The MTA 2020 Judging Scoring Scale

Platinum award: 73 – 100 

Gold award:  57 – 72  

Silver award: 41 – 56 

Bronze award: 25 – 40  

Marketing and Promotion Activities

In Mediterranean Taste Awards, we focus on the real needs of our clients and business partners and we are committed to constantly expanding and enforce our marketing and promotional penetration of our services to the geographical locations we target of expanding our activities. We feel this is the right way to enforce our presence and visibility of our Awards as well as the digital media services we offer.

For that reason, we are focused on investing in new technologies and enforcing even further our relationship with our regional and local media partners in order to strengthen our position as a leading specialized media service provider in the olive oil industry.

Sensory Analysis Process

Preparation & Presentation Method

The food and beverage samples will be presented to the judges for blind tasting unbranded

Judging Process & Scoring Method

  • In order to ensure that the evaluation methodology of the food and beverage samples is credible, transparent and unbiased, we have introduced a sensory  evaluation. The Sensory evaluation was one of the earliest methods of quality control and it is still widely used in the industry.
  • A scientific discipline used to evoke, measure, analyse and interpret reactions to those characteristics of foods and materials as they are perceived by the senses of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.


  • The Juries have zero prior knowledge of the product’s brand name and/or other sensitive information and the scoring method is been made securely using an online system where each jury send its own score for each assessed product.

Products we accept


Below the Categories of Food & Beverage that we accept for judging on MTA 2021 Awards

If you can find your product category please contact us either by email or you can use our Live Chat.


Support FAQs

Below you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions at Mediterranean Taste Awards 2021. We are constantly adding most asked question to this page so if you have a question and don’t see your answer, don’t hesitate to email us at


What is the Fee of registration

What is the fee of registering for the competition 

What is the fee for registering for the competition 

The entry fees to the competition are the followings :

  • Early Registration: € 80 (from October 16th, 2020 to November 20th, 2020) per brand per award category
  • Standard Price: € 90 (From November 21st, 2020 to February 22th, 2021) per brand per award category

Note: For any additional product the cost is € 60  for any of the five (5) categories of the Awards.




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